Cell Link

SAPPS (Science and Applications) Department

Itedale Namro Redwan – CSO

She held a PhD degree in Chemistry with emphasis on Medicinal/Organic Chemistry from the University of Gothenburg. She obtained her Postdoctoral training in Chemical Biology at the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco. She was an Assistant Professor at the Clinical Chemistry and Transfusion Medicine at the University of Gothenburg prior to joining CELLINK. Participates in project coordination from organizational and financial perspectives.

Volodymyr Kuzmenko – Biomaterials R&D Team Lead

He held a PhD in Materials Chemistry from Chalmers University, a scientist with extensive experience in biomaterials, polymer chemistry and 3D bioprinting of advanced 3D tissue models. Main contact person for the project. Coordinator of the scientific and organizational parts from CELLINK.

Seema Jamil

Cell biology and tissue engineering team lead in the R&D department at CELLINK. She holds a PhD degree in medicine with a focus on cancer and stem cell biology from Karolinska Institute, Sweden. She obtained her first postdoc in epithelial cell biology from Mina Bissell’s lab in Berkeley. And her second postdoc also in epithelial cell biology from Karolinska Institute before joining CELLINK. Participates in testing of LCE materials for printing.

Elin Pernevik

Biomaterials Scientist, with rich experience of bioink development and production, hands-on bioink testing at different extrusion-based 3D bioprinting platforms, 3D cell culturing and analysis. Works on rheological evaluation of LCE materials and development of in situ photocrosslinking technology for printing of aligned LCEs.