Call for open PhD and Post-Doc positions

University of Florence (Department of Chemistry and European Laboratory for Non Linear Spectroscopy)

Liquid Crystalline Elastomers to assist cardiac functions

Duration: 3 years for PhD, 1 year (possibly renewable contract) for Post-Doc.

Liquid Crystalline Elastomers (LCEs) are stimuli-responsive smart polymers, which are able to contract reversibly and generate force. We have demonstrated that photo-activated LCE stripes can be used to support muscle contraction of mouse trabeculae in vitro (Circ. Res. 2019, 124, e44–e54).

We are looking for highly motivated candidates who are interested in processing and mechanical characterization of Smart Polymers to join the Optics of Complex Systems lab at the European Laboratory for Non Linear Spectroscopy in Florence.

Why this project?
  • Use of LCEs to restore the cardiac mechanical function in vivo
  • Development of implants for patients suffering from heart failure or other diseases characterized by ventricular or atrial mechanical failure.

Our challenges
  • Mimic biological muscles with synthetic polymers.
  • Test the use of micro-LED light sources to drive the implants in a biological environment 
  • Scale up polymer synthesis and 3D print the implants. 
Who can join us?

Organic/materials chemists and materials engineers are welcome to send their application to join our interdisciplinary group

For information write to Dr. Camilla Parmeggiani (

Research in the framework of the project REPAIR (FET_PROACTIVE-2019)
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